Pine Mulch 

Gardener’s Favorite 

Since 1986, Grant County mulch, has been providing high-quality organic ground covers and soil amendments to companies in the lawn and garden industry. The Bark from the pine trees (confer) has long been a favorite of gardeners throughout the United States. The bearing sizes, textures and shapes of the Pinebark make it an extremely versatile material for both mulches and soil conditioners. From large decorative nuggets to small pieces of bark aged in process for soil amending, Grant County Mulch manufactures five classic pine bark mulches designed to meet the requirements of any landscape design.  

Regarded by many as outstanding mulch for moisture retention and weed control, the Pinebark Mulch has long been a popular ground cover for all types of landscape projects. Pinebark nuggets protect and beautify landscape areas where drainage is not a factor. If tightly spaced annuals and perennials are in need of mulch, aged Pinebark provides protection and insulation for the plants. In addition, the small particle size of the material ensures the leaves of the plants stay above ground, not mad it into the landscape. The mulch is long been a favorite for areas around patios, decks and outdoor living areas.

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