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When you select Grant County mulch for your outdoor project or retail sale, your business is getting more than just mulch, you are getting years of dedicated service and support that is unmatched. At Grant County Mulch, We provide ourselves not only in a quality product, but in our service as well. Regardless if you choose to purchase in either bag or bulk quantities, your order can be delivered within 300 miles in less than 48 hours.

As for mulches, we have a wide selection. Aged for at least 90 days, our Premium Red Oak mulches triple shredded for those projects that demand only the best. Our Select Hardwood Mulch, our multi-purpose mulch, has age 60 days and double shredded. Unlike other brands, it is 100% organic and does not include pallet or construction material. Do your customers want a mulch that resist decomposition? Try our Cypress Mulch. When your customers are finishing off that backyard playground, protect their children with our Kiddie Mat. Made of 100% virgin wood mulch, Kiddie Mat contains no artificial additives or petroleum products. When spread 12 inches deep, Kiddie Mat will provide a cost-effective, visually appealing answer to playground safety.

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