Soil Products

Quality products, service and selection are only part of the story at Grant County Mulch. We strive to solve packaging problems often associated with storage and handling of organic bagged goods. From triple shrink-wrapped pallets in pallet liners, to placing a weather resistent on top of each loaded pallet to help reduce moisture buildup. In addition, all of our great products can be mixed in truck load quantities allowing you to tailor your inventory requirements to meet seasonal demands.  

When it comes to selecting a product line of soils, compost and soil amendments, Grant County mulches selection is specifically designed and manufactured to exceed the need of your most demanding customer. While other brands of topsoil are merrily made of sand, clay or mulch screenings, our topsoil blend is made from screening the natural topsoil found only in the Potomac Highland region of West Virginia.  Offering soil products with proper nutrition values and pH levels is critical and ensuring by victorious and healthy plant growth. At Grant County Mulch, we offer a wide range of products to enhance your tree, shrub in flower sales, and each product is manufactured with a specific goal of reducing your plan returns. We constantly monitor the pH levels of our planting mediums and design all of our soils and soil conditioners to contain many of the macro and micro nutrients necessary for robust and Hearty plant growth.  Manufactured as a general purpose soil amendment, our premium planting compost is a favorite of landscape contractors, gardeners and horticulturist alike. Holding over 250% of its weight in water, premium planting compost is an outstanding point of purchase sales item for all your trees, shrubs and flowers sales. When asked about the proper soil for hanging baskets and potted plants, feel confident in recommending Grant County Mulch’s potting soil. As a hummus based planting medium blended with small aged bark chips, this mixture allows for both proper water retention and adequate drainage.

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We feature: 

Composted Manure
Premium Planting Compost
Leaf Humus
Potting Soil
Mushroom Soil